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Meet the Team of Innovators!

// The G Team

Our Leadership Team

At GreyLoops, we believe the path to progress is paved with fresh ideas and relentless curiosity. That’s why our team isn’t just a collection of skilled individuals, but a vibrant hub of innovation.

Haseeb Saif

VP Operations

Mujtaba Shahzad

Senior Full Stack Dev

Awais Ayub

Cheif Technology officer

Sehrish Fatima


Neeta Abid


Javaria Saad

Sales and Marketing

Syed Esar

Client Relationship Manager

Ryan Schmidt

Senior Sales Officer
// We Carry more Than Just Good Coding Skills

Let's Build Your Idea!

// The Nerds

The Tech nerds of greyloops

Harry M
Senior Dev
He's seen it all, coded it all, and debugged it all. Years of experience have equipped him with an arsenal of technical knowledge that would make even the most seasoned developer weak in the knees. But fear not, for Harry's wisdom is as vast as his skills. He guides junior devs with the patience of a coding Yoda, always willing to share his expertise and build up the next generation of web warriors.
Emilia Clarke
Kamran Zafar
Senior Mobile Dev
Prepare to be dazzled by Kamran, a mobile app developer who's not just skilled, but silicon-infused with awesomeness! With fingers that fly across keyboards faster than a rogue AI in a text editor, he conjures up apps that are equal parts stunning design and mind-bending functionality.
Emilia Clarke
Abdul Rehman
Full Stack dev
Forget binary code, Abdul Rehman speaks the language of web development fluency. Front-end, back-end, he tackles it all with the finesse of a coding samurai. Databases tremble at his queries, while user interfaces blossom under his touch. Whether it's crafting pixel-perfect designs or building server-side fortresses.